Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Coffee Check

Yesterday I finally got my new receiver for my RF-602s seeing as my cheap light stand managed to break my last one. Once I got it all set up and working I headed out to the patio to get a quick photo. This was the first time I've used my YN-460II with the triggers as well seeing as the last flash I had also got killed by the light stand. I made sure to duck tape it all up this time 'cause I don't fancy forking out another £50 to replace it all. 

I then spent a good couple of hours making my own lighting diagram/set-up type thing to show where everything was and what I used. So here it is: 
I even made the silhouette using a picture of my camera and lens so it is exactly accurate. I hope you enjoy browsing through this short post and I'll try my best to do this for most of the strobist pictures I do in the future. Thanks for reading. 

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