Friday, 20 July 2012

31/50-Not Everything, Not Yet

Not Everything, Not Yet

So as me and James did for the release of Spiderman, we've done a Batman themed picture for Batman today. Went to see it at 10:40 and got blown away, going to do a mini review below because I hate film critics and their lousy reviews.

This Batman film, in my opinion, is seriously good. It is in no way how you expect it to be, in the trailers it seems to be an action packed, mental, explosions everywhere type of film but it is the opposite. They lack of massive action films has be critised in every review I've seen but I think it is a good thing; firstly because the film has more of a plot than films like Avengers which basically just focus on blowing things up. Secondly because it is what Batman is like, in comics and such there isn't always massive gun fights, they're normally hand to hand combats and such.

The only disappointment for me was Bane, yeah he was a good bad guy and his seemingly inhuman properties were really nice, but you just don't learn enough about him and there are not many scenes where you get to see a really scary side, like the Joker in The Dark Knight.

Overall I think it is a great film and all that Batman should be. Dark, realistic and in parts, upsetting. It also has a really great ending which is a perfect and clever end to the trilogy.

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