Wednesday, 8 August 2012



50 photos, 50 days, 50mm lens. Finally done. Finishing my project 50 with a picture of all the prints of my photos. I love having prints, although they have the white border, which I may have to cut off at some point. But anyway, this picture was taking in George's attic and took around 40 minutes to stick all the prints up with blue tac. Simple lighting cause I wanted it to be about the images and be a clear/clean picture.
The t-shirt wasn't that small, it was cause I was bent over. 
Project 50 Statistics 

  • 50 final photos
  • Around 2000+ photos taken during the project
  • 8 people/models
  • 100+ hours of shooting, editing and uploading
  • 20,000 Flickr view during the project
So, to anyone considering a Project 50 or similar project, I'd say, do it. It is hard work, annoying, tiring (I didn't get to bed before 1 most nights) and takes a lot of time but it is so worth it. I've learnt so much from it; from Photoshop/editing techniques to learning to use my lights properly and effectively. I don't think I'll be doing it again, I have some ideas for shorter projects in the future but nothing this size again. 

Big thanks to James Hodge, George Cudby, Simon Hartley, Jake Levi, Geoff Archer, Peter Archer, Maggie Archer, James Kelly, Sam Kelly, Rufus and anyone else who helped or even favorited a photo on Flickr. It really means a lot! 

I have 12x8" prints available here on my BigCartel site. They're a very good price and all the money will go towards creating better more interesting projects in the future! Plus it's nice to have a print if there's a photo you like! 

PS. Check out James' photo for Day 50.

Please go give my Flickr a quick browse and comment with any questions or advice!

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