Friday, 18 May 2012


Sticking with the whole music photography side of things; I've decided to do a blog-article on Maven including some pictures, lighting diagrams and a short interview. Hope you enjoy.  

Maven/George Cudby is a 17 year old House/Garage/Bass producer in his bedroom studio in Leeds. He has today released his first EP and it's FREE so make sure you give it a download! Click here to like his Facebook page, follow him on Twitter and check out his SoundCloud for all the information on where to download. 
So without further a do...
Who is your main influence when it comes to making music? 
"Annie Mac was originally the one who made me want to start making music, then as years progressed I just started to get into different genres, trying out different styles. 
At the moment there are a few, the most important is probably Gold Panda, I've been into his stuff for ages! Actress is also a strong influence too, you can probably hear that in my music. I probably wouldn't be making music if I didn't have any inspiration."

When is your most creative time to produce?
"Probably starting from around 10 o'clock at night till the early hours of the morning. I always seem to be most creative after a bottle of Pepsi Max, still not sure why though!"

What is the one piece of equipment you would give anything for?
"A Pioneer CDJ set with a vinyl deck too, I've always wanted decks since I was around 13 but never been able to afford them. I could do with some live equipment like a drum machine but decks would be fucking lovely!"
How would you describe your style?
"This is a hard one, I get influenced by so many different genres and styles that it's now become a mix of post-dubstep, garage, house and possibly techno. I really like my stuff to sound 'rough' and dark but I'm not depressed enough to make dark music haha"

Other than making music, what are your favorite pass times?
"Listening to music, wasting time on the internet and sleeping. I probably spend too much time on my computer though, ah well"
And this final question is brought to us by Simon Hartley...(excuse him)

If and when the world is dominated by China, will you change your style to a more oriental one, or will you let them feed you rice and dirt until you go pop?
"Well I really like rice so I'm not bothered about that. They can fill me with whatever they want. (as long as it's edible)"

Here's a couple of pictures with a full lighting diagram and all the exif nonsense for those that it interests.I think this first one is my favorite by far.

Hope you enjoyed reading looking at the pictures, as always give feedback, especially on this one, I want to know if this style of article is liked at all? Peace out.

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